Aspect of love: consider the different approaches taken by the poets

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Aspect of love: consider the different approaches taken by the poets in their examinations of love and loss.

First love: john Clare

A birthday: Christina Rosseti

Remember: Christina Rosseti

How do I love thee: Elizabeth Barret Browning

My Last Duchess: Robert Browning

La Belle Dane Sans Merci: john Keats

Love has been awed and talked about throughout the centuries. No one person can describe it as one thing as it has many aspects. I will be comparing the aspects of love in the poems above. "First love" uses an old style of speaking as it says things like "I ne'er was struck" which isn't used much any more. The poem has three stanzas. The first one is telling us more about how he felt and when it happened. The
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I think the point in this action is to make u realize how much she loves her lover because she says "My heart is gladder than all these" after saying the glorious things her heart is like which gives you the idea she has a whole lot of love for her lover. The second part of the poem talks about man made things of beauty and things only the very rich could afford.

This last half of the poem suggests she is preparing for her birthday, which is special to her because her lover has come. This poem I think is a romantic one because it talks more about beauty than the lover.
"Remember" is an interesting poem with just one stanza. It is more a message than a poem to a lover from the deceased. The message given is if her lover forgets her over time it is ok and it's says do not be sad and remember me, she just wants her lover to be happy. The rhyming structure is the 1st line rhymes with the fourth and the 2nd with the third and so on, which is similar to "how do I love thee". The poem isn't actually about love it's about remembering love after one has died. "My last duchess" is a very long poem with just one stanza.

It accounts a man showing another man his picture of his last duchess and telling him how he was like. The poem is closer to a story than a poem. It explains how the lord gets jealous of the attention his wife is giving other men and that he gets

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