Asexual Reproduction: Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Essay

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Cloning (asexual reproduction) is the production of individuals who are genetically identical to an already existing individual. The procedure is called somatic cell nuclear transfer. Scientists take a mature, unfertilized egg and remove its nucleus. Next, they, introduce a nucleus obtained from a specialized (somatic) cell of an adult organism. Once the egg begins to divide, they transfer the embryo into woman's uterus to initiate a pregnancy. Since almost all the hereditary material of a cell is contained within its nucleus, the re-nucleated eggs are genetically identical to the organism that was the source of the transferred nucleus (Kass, 2001). The genetically identical individual is called the clone and could be produced by nuclear …show more content…
Kass argues this would be dehumanizing and with such procreation dehumanized to manufacture it would be further degraded by commodification. Such commodification is almost certainly a result of allowing baby making to proceed under the banner of commerce. The principle of reproductive freedom currently voice by the supporters of cloning. They feel this embraces the ethical acceptability of sliding all the way down the slippery slope. This would be producing children in the laboratory from sperm to term, and producing children with the genetic makeup of parental planning and choice. Kass argues if this is true then reproductive freedom know no limits, nor does it accept limits.
Kass feels that with successful cloning there would be serious issues of identity and individuality. The clone may experience concerns about his distinctive identity because he/she will be identical to another human being, and he may be a twin to his mother or father. Most people are disgusted with nearly all aspects of human cloning and the possibility of mass production of human beings. The ideal of father-son, brother-brother, sister-sister, mother-daughter twins is bizarre. The prospect of a woman bearing and rearing a genetic copy of herself is repulsive to most. Virtually no parent is going to be able to treat a clone of himself or herself as one treats a child generated by the lottery of sex. Maybe some divorced mothers will not be able to love and accept clones

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