As You Like It Essay

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“As You Like it presents an image of human life, not as an arena for heroic endeavour, but as a place of encounters.” Consider some of the encounters presented in the play, and their significance to its insight into human life.

     “Man in his Time plays many parts , his Acts being seven ages.” Here we are given two different worlds, with colourful characters ranging from “the Lover sighing like Furnace with a woeful Ballad” to the “Last scene of all” when Man revert to their “second Childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans Eyes, sans Taste, sans everything.”
     The stage in the Courts and Forest of Arden served not to dish out mere swashbuckling heroes or heroines . In fact,
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There is a message to the audience, that Fortune has a hand in one’s life but it is not the only determining factor. Like little andecdotes to inspire, various happenings are thrown along our way to show how one is able to change one’s fortune. “Devise with me how we may fly” as Celia urges Rosalind to “seek my Uncle in the Forest of Arden.” Characters in this play do not resign to their fate , in fact strives to come out of it. In the end, these characters emerge from the Golden world, a different creature.      
     The first glimpse of romantic love was the encounter between Rosalind and Orlando in the courts. There is a element of fantasy in their love at frist sight. Yet it is through this pair of lovers are we being shown true love. There are also other desirable characteristics of human life shown. We see the dignity of the ill-favoured Rosalind as she , with “the little strength that she hath” hoped for Orlando to overcome his opponent. She depicts the decency of humanity even under miserable conditions and even Celia, is gentle and loving as she hoped for her strength would “eke out hers”. Goodness can penetrate even the “envious court”. There is a sort of good triumphing over evil.
     “Go in content to Liberty and not to Banishment.” At times, human conditions may be tough but how troubles

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