Arthritis Is Not Part of the Normal Aging Process Essay example

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Individuals living with symptoms of Arthritis are plagued with daily reminders of the limitations and lifestyle changes needed to cope with the associated pain. The psychological impact of arthritis is disabling. Pain takes away the defining passion of some individuals. Arthritis is a chronic illness that for some adults comes at the expense of living life to the fullest, remaining confident and competitive. It means the race to the finish line was first which progressed their symptoms to ultimately winning arthritis the pain that will continue to add a minute to their run time and it can be defeating. The overview of this paper will define arthritis and how the anatomy and physiology play a role in the chronic illness. Define causes …show more content…
continues to be the most common cause of disability. (2) According to reports by the Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report (MMWR), “In 1999, 44 million adults reported having a disability, approximately 32 million adults had difficulty with one or more functional activities such as climbing a flight of stairs, walking three city blocks, limitation in the ability to work around the house. Of those individuals 11 million had either selected impairments or difficulties with Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).” (4) Of these adults that reported to have disabilities, their main health conditions associated with had arthritis and or rheumatic conditions. To understand these conditions and what causes these chronic illnesses, it is important to understand the different types and different stages of life development in which these chronic illnesses can occur. Why do these chronic illnesses occur and how is prevention related to education, understanding and incorporating early care of your body provide overall better adjustment and management of symptoms in the long term. There are different types of arthritis. The treatment to each type can be similar in helping to manage the symptoms this disabling illness can cause. It is important that such illnesses have a method of treatment and prevention. In this case prevention is not easy to detect as compared to applying treatment when the problem has been defined. The few different types of arthritis are

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