Essay on Aristotle's Happiness

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With self-help books garnishing millions of dollars annually, it's no mystery that people have been looking for a "correct" way to live out their lives. This was as prevalent in ancient Greece as it is today. Aristotle had what he thought was an ideal activity for all those who wanted to live life to the fullest, be happy, and have purpose. Aristotle argues that the best and most satisfying activity is study on the grounds that it fulfills the requirements for happiness as an activity better than others. One might object that one need not do something to be happy, but Aristotle could adequately reply that to be happy in its proper virtue is undoubtedly the most fulfilling life for humans. Aristotle's first premise is that happiness must …show more content…
Aristotle says this is why an activity like political action cannot be the sole component of happiness. The action that is in accord with understanding is study. Aristotle defines the supreme virtue as the virtue of the best thing, which is further defined to be understanding. Because happiness must be an activity in accordance with virtue, as established earlier, it must be study. There are objections that can be made against Aristotle's argument. Many people would have a hard time agreeing with the idea that someone can be perfectly happy by just studying. People generally equate happiness with such things as laughter, contentment, and peacefulness. By saying one can feel emotions such as those by just studying is widely unaccepted and generally seen as an inaccurate description of what "happy" is. Another objection to the Aristotelian idea of happiness is in regards to his assumption that happiness is one singular activity. In context, that would be like saying to have fun, one must play basketball. This is obviously incorrect, because people have different preferences when it comes to sports and games. The same can be said about happiness and each individual's preference when it comes to activities that people seek to be happy. Additionally, the most accepted

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