Argument About Evil in the World Essay

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The argument from evil for the non-existence of God has been a widely disputed question in religious philosophical debate. This question is trying to explain how a traditional God allows for certain evil in the world to occur when he has the ability, knowledge, and capacity to stop these events from occurring. A ‘traditional’ monotheistic God, such as the one found in the Judeo-Christian religion, is supposed to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. If God contains these three traits, then that means that he wants to stop evil in this world, he knows how to, and he is powerful enough to prevent evil from happening. But there are things and acts in this world that we can label as evil. Therefore, according to this argument, there …show more content…
Although he is able to overrule our free will, he chooses not to intervene because he wants us to face the consequences of our own actions. When moral evil occurs, it is because people have misused their free will. It is necessary for us to learn from those ‘evil’ actions by moving forward and bettering ourselves from it. In order for there to be good actions in the world, there has to be evil actions. One cannot exist without the other.
The next one is natural evil. It is the aftermath that occurs from natural disasters such as a tornado, flood, or hurricane (The Problem). Moral evil is much easier to explain for a theist because these horrific events occurred from our own actions or inactions. But when we bring natural evil into the equation, it becomes more difficult to try to justify. The reason for this is that these disasters do not result from human activity. Therefore, these events must be solely attributed to God.
We usually tend to think of moral and natural evil being into two separate categories but that is not always the case. One event can fall into both groups. God has already set the laws of nature into place. Sometimes its laws can cause disaster when people make choices that help assist a natural disaster. For example, people burn non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels for energy. It releases CO2 into the air and aids in keeping the sun’s energy within our atmosphere. This

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