Essay on Arguement for the Legalization of Cloning

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The idea of cloning first came around in 1885. Cloning was first shown when Hans Dreisch in 1888-1894 took two and four cells of sea urchin embryos, isolated them and watched, as they became microscopic larvae. In 1901, Hans Spemann took a newt’s embryo with two cells and split them into two parts. The result of this was a clone of the larvae. In 1993, a human embryo was cloned for the first time, and then in 1996 Dolly the sheep was born. She was the first organism from adult cells ever to be cloned. Cloning has been practiced for many years and has many benefits ranging from the human health to scientific research. The United States government should deregulate cloning and provide more funding for research and development, as cloning is …show more content…
President Bush put the ban in effect soon after Dolly the sheep was born. On Thursday, February 27, 2003 the law was passed. By 2008, fifteen states had laws against human cloning. Seven of the 15 states ban reproductive cloning but allow therapeutic cloning. Human cloning should be allowed in all states throughout the country. The many benefits that will be seen from it will be astounding. Medical benefits such as growing new cells and replacing them for the renewal of the activity of the damaged cells can be done with cloning. Another medical benefit is that an organ donor will be able to have their organ cloned and the person in need will receive the cloned kidney, bone marrow. With human cloning, infertile couples will benefit greatly also. Sterile/ infertile couples will be able to have a child with either the mothers or the father’s genetic material. Human Cloning cannot only help the infertile couples but can benefit any human who has had a deceased member in their family. The family can clone the deceased and have them “alive” again but as a clone. Other benefits for human cloning are the reconstructive, plastic, and cosmetic surgery. These will not only help health wise but will make those who are insecure feel more secure about themselves. The list of benefits could go on

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