Are Students Getting Smarter? Essays

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Students just about everywhere are becoming less intelligent. However, this reality is fairly counter-intuitive to many. It is a fairly common belief that the next generations are getting smarter, technology is becoming more complex, we’re discovering more every day so how could our students possibly be becoming less intelligent? We are sending them to schools to increase their intelligence, making sure that the students are doing their homework, all sorts of different techniques to help make our kids smarter. And the problem lies here; our formal education system is not helping our students become more intelligent.
Well first it is important that we look at what I mean by intelligence. We know three things about intelligence: it is
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Does it have to be a paper clip as we know it?”.
Louis Terman published a study, Breakpoint and Beyond, to test student’s ability to measure divergent thinking. He devised a test to accurately measure this ability and if you scored above a certain percentage, you were considered a genius. He then got a group of about 1500 students to test. These students were all kindergartners and after administering the test he found that 98% scored above genius level. Now this was a longitudinal study and five years later he administered the test again and only 32% scored above genius level, after the third time only 10% were scoring above genius level. As a control he administered the test to 200,000 adults over 25 and only 2% scored above genius level (Ainsworth-Land). This test shows two important attributes about our children’s intelligence: we are all born with the capacity to become intelligent, and that this capability goes away as we get older. There are an infinite number of factors that could contribute to each student’s decline but there is a common factor among all of them and that is that they have all been educated (Changing Paradigms). There are many reasons the education system is failing our students such as the hierarchy within the education system, the ideals our education system is based on,

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