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Aquaculture is a form of agriculture that involves the propagation, cultivation and marketing of aquatic organisms in an controlled environment. The history of aquaculture first begun in ancient China some 4000 years ago with ornamental carp ponds to today's $264 million commercial production of catfish in the southern states of America. 1

The following essay will be a broad examination of the conditions and requirements of aquaculture and a closer study of the industry in Western Australia. It should be noted that the industry is only at a fledgling stage with a handful of organisms in commercial production. However, there is one segment that is a major success with $153 million
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The importance of temperature within an aquatic environment is another key factor in a commercial enterprise. Certain organisms require particular temperate zones for optimum development. Many biological activities such as spawning and egg hatching are geared towards annual temperature changes in the natural environment.

Therefore one of the criteria in the selection of an appropriate organism in which to cultivate should be based on the temperature requirements because heating or cooling the water environment is an added cost that may prove uneconomic. 5

Dissolved Oxygen

Like humans, aquatic organisms require oxygen for respiration. Dissolved oxygen concentrations are expressed in milligrams per litre (mg/l). Not enough oxygen in the water and the organism dies.

Therefore as with water quality and temperature, oxygen becomes another critical factor in the commercial production of aquatic organisms. 6

Aquaculture WA

In Western Australia, the aquaculture industry is managed by Fisheries Western Australia under the control of the Minister of Primary Industries. There are 4 species under commercial production within the state -

1) Mussels

2) Marron

3) Yabbies

4) Trout


In Western Australia, the species under commercial production is the Blue Mussel (Mytilus Edulis). It should

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