Application of Conflict Management Styles to My Own Work Experience

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Application of Conflict Management Styles to My Own Work Experience

It happened that I have had an opportunity to work at four different branches since I joined the bank about four years ago. Every time I came to a new branch I faced a new group of people with their formal and informal leaders, traditions, rules and conflicts. To me as a new person, every time in every group, it was very interesting to observe what was happening because I was a guy from the outside, unbiased by existing setups. I could compare them with other groups I worked with as well as analyze situations based on my previous management experience.
Moreover, I have had a chance to work with 5 different branch managers, my direct supervisors, during this period
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The collaborating or problem-solving approach, as it is called in some sources (McShane, 2006), is a win-win approach involving both parties in working out a solution that meets both their needs without either feeling they have lost anything. It is both an assertive and a cooperative approach. Both sides are concerned about their own needs, the needs of the other party, and building their working relationship.
Manager “I” had worked at the branch for about 5 years by the time I joined the team. Actually, it was her third branch; she managed two smaller ones before. From the very first day I noticed that relationships between employees had somewhat of a family style. Very often we had breakfasts together before going to our office. We also organized branch and family parties on a regular basis. Later, I learned that employee turnover was very low at the branch. Everybody knew about others’ families and personal lives more than could be suggested. Communication was very open as between employees as with management. It looked like everybody knew their team’s goal and had a lot of fun working towards it.
Like in any group, conflicts took place at this branch as well, and, in most cases, the branch manager resolved them with win-win results. This approach

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