Apple's History Essay

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Apple’s History In almost every part of the world Apple and at least one of their products is known. The Apple brand started in the 1970s. Three men founded the organization in 1976, to produce a computer that every citizen could use personally (Sohail, 2010). The first item released was the Apple 1 personal computer kit made by Steve Wozniak (Sohail, 2010). Through the 70s, Apple concentrated on developing storing technologies such as the floppy disk and the use of color, graphics, and spreadsheets used for business (Sohail, 2010). Apple was about to have their first major product release with a million dollar ad campaign. This was the release of the Macintosh personal computer, which also led to Apple’s great reputation (Sohail, …show more content…
Apple’s Supply Chain Characteristics
When examining Apple’s supply chain strategy, there are many different aspects. Each of their products has a different supply chain strategy. Apple’s successful supply-chain characteristics have led to apple topping AMR’s list of the top 25 supply chains (Apple's Supply Chaing Tops AMR Ranking, 2010) These different strategies combined have helped Apple succeed and by record numbers.
With the production of Apple’s IPhone and IPad, Apple has returned to a strategy of vertical integration. Vertical integration is developing the ability to produce goods or services previously purchased, or to actually purchase a supplier or distributer (Heizer & Render, 2011). When Apple developed their own A4 processor for the IPad they were practicing the vertical integration supply-chain strategy. Prior to Apple’s development of the A4 processor, Apple purchased their processors from companies including Samsung and Intel. In addition to the processors, Apple also developed the operating system to be used in the iPad. Vertical integration allowed Apple to have full control over their iPad and iPhones.
Apple’s use of vertical integration has allowed the organization many successes. The first of these was performance, since Apple not only developed the device but also the processors and operating system (Lyons, 2010). This allowed Apple to increase performance on the device and to fix

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