Antibacterial Soap Does More Harm than Good Essay

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If look around this day in age you will notice one thing, many parents and children are Spermatophobia-fear of germ and contamination. Since the recent outbreak of H1N1, many people have increased their usage of antibacterial soaps in hope that they will avoid getting sick or becoming ill. Antibacterial products are include Plastic bags hand soap, toothpaste, personal care products detergents & cleaning products and the list continues. However, lately these products are doing more harm than help for those who use them in everyday life. Studies have surfaced that antibiotic resistant bacteria have increased.
Antibacterial soaps originally were used in the hospitals where initially it was effective in killing bacteria and other “Hospital”
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Triclosan is also part of the ethers a functional group of organic compounds characterized by an oxygen atom bonded to two organic essentials resulting from a scented compound by the removal of one hydrogen atom. Triclosan works by disrupting protein production, also by binding to the active site of a critical carrier protein-reductase that is essential for fatty acid synthesis. Triclosan productivity depends on three genes in bacteria fabK, marA, and acrAB. FabK is a gene that make the bacterial cell automatically resistant to triclosan, therefore triclosan has no effects on these cell. When triclosan is used on these cells, the non-resistant cells die and the ones with fabK remain and multiply on the surface or area in which it was used. MarA is a regulatory gene, when active; the cell is resistant to antibacterial ingredients such as Triclosan, even when barley express yet still expressed resistance is high. AcrAB is a gene for an efflux gene complex. Efflux pumps, pump out antibiotics and antibacterial agents. Cells with these genes MarA and AcrAB are coupled. The bacterial cells take four or more times as much triclosan to lyse than normal cells need in order to lyse. However, in assuming all bacteria normal-like the one on your hands are washed in antibacterial soap –which contains

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