Animal Testing in Scientific Research Essay

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Animal Testing in Scientific Research

Animal testing has been going on since the late nineteenth century. Over the years, billions of animals have been killed from experiments, but the amount of animals tested on has fallen 50% since 1968 and in 1998 reached a 40 year low of only 2.66 million procedures. With that much of a decline, I can’t imagine how many animals were once used and for what purposes.
Even with the 50% decline, the number of animals sacrificed for medical and biomedical ends in the United States each year is unknown, but certainly exceeds 60 million and may possibly be as high as 100 million. That amount of animals sacrificed each year is horrible especially when a lot of the test turn out to be inaccurate. “Of
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In most cases, the animals will probably end up dead, but in some experiments the tests will run until the animal dies. Such a case is determining the lethal dose of radiation used in cancer therapy. No matter what the test is or how it is performed, there is always an alternative to hurting and killing an innocent animal.

Another thing wrong with animal testing is a lot of times the tests are wrong or inconclusive. There are several issues that effect test results. A reason test are inconclusive is because animals cannot describe their experiences including the aches and pains that are sometimes the side effects of drugs. Without the results of controlled clinical trials, it is impossible to be sure whether a treatment developed through animal research is really effective in man, or is it actually doing the patient more harm than good? Others are because without humans having the same susceptibility as animals, the drug may actually turn out to be bad for humans. With different susceptibilities, of 19 chemicals known to cause cancer in humans when ingested, only seven caused cancer in mice and rats. Considering cancer is one of the biggest tests done on animals, I think that is a huge factor that should be considered every time researchers get their results. An example is the drug fialuridine which was safe in animal trials, yet caused liver failure in seven of 15 humans taking the drug. Five died and the other two

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