Animal Production System- Beef Essay

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Production from an autumn calving herd of Limousin x Friesian cows that were mated to Charolais bulls.
WEIGHT Average-D-Gain
Sire 1 Female 38 239.2 0.85
Sire 2 Female 48 204.1 1.54
Sire 3 Female 39 286.1 1.12

WEIGHT Average-D-Gain
Sire 1 Male 39 255.8 0.98 Sire 2 Male 43 219.7 0.77
Sire 3 Male 38 362.2 1.29

The change of climate and weather .The heredity and genetics of breed can be carried within the genes which can lead to barrenness,
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Disease is a major factor which can affect most of the farm animals, but nutrition, climate change, management and genetics can contribute as well.
Disease can stop sperm production as well as egg production, resulting in arbortion, health reduction of foetus and less chance of survival .If corpus leteum is affected, it reduces cow’s (FSH) production to be limited or reduces normal cycling in cows. Production increases from the first to the fourth lactation depending on the nutritional levels given to the heifers. Sire two there was a calf death, but the average was good even though there was a calf death; it could be the result of early weaning, insufficient colostrums, pneumonia, or diarrhoea. The average September birth weight and June weight are constant and the weight gained was better and weaning dates are good .Sire three the mortality was high and the average gain was not up to standard , because of the birth weight and June weight was poor.

The diagram below shows the barrenness and mortality and months.
Month Barrenness Death
November 1 1m
October 3 2 f&1m
September 2 1f
Total 6 5
The sire two male needed attention in November and October, because of the death which occured. Sire three male was better on birth weight and June weight, the gain was fine and there was better livestock improvement .Sire one was good in June weight again average gain was good. The old weaning of these calve should be at 391kgs at 212 days at

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