Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay

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Intelligent people can and sometimes use propaganda, lies, or deceit to get what they want. This is shown through the characters actions in Animal Farm. These actions are mostly apparent with the pigs, the leaders and head group of the animals on Animal Farm, because of their high intelligence over the rest of the animals. The first major sign of propaganda appears when the Pigs claim that they "need" all of the milk and apples for themselves in order to work most efficiently. The pigs declare that since they are the most intelligent and most crucial role in the unity of Animal Farm, they must consume all of the milk and apples themselves, for the better of the entire farm. Since almost all of the other animals on the farm lack the …show more content…
Another example similar to the milk and apples is when the pigs start sleeping in beds. When the animals took over the farm and changed their way of life, they made several Codes or Commandments, which the animals on animal farm would abide to. These commandments were to remain unchanged. However, as the farm developed, the pigs started to claim more and more power over the rest of the animals. This included altering certain commandments without letting the rest of the animals know. This was achieved, because the majority of the animals (apart from the pigs) have extremely poor memory, due to their lack of brainpower. The commandment that restricted all animals from sleeping in beds, was secretly altered by Napoleon to read, "No animals shall sleep in beds with sheets". A horse named Clover, (though not considered high on the scale of intelligence on the farm), attempted to challenge the commandment:
‘"Muriel," she said, "read me the fourth commandment. Does it no say something about never sleeping in a bed?"
With some difficulty Muriel spelt it out. "It says, ‘No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets,'" she announced finally.
Curiously enough, Clover had not remembered that the fourth commandment mentioned sheets; but as it was there on the wall, it must have been so."' (pg.79)
The pigs realize that altering the minds of the other animals is not a challenge. They use the other animal's

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