Animal Experimentation: Hero or Villain? Essay

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This tends to deal more with the medical field because scientists will be working to find new cures and medications. Unlike pure researching, this type of research has an intended, well thought, goal for what they need to discover even before the beginning of the project. The last type of testing that can be done is toxicology, which is probably one of the one that is more commonly associated to experimentation. Toxicology testing is the process of making sure that cosmetics, chemicals, and medications do not contain hazards before being putting them on the shelves of businesses. All of these forms of experimentation are currently supported by three main sects; Private industries, Governmental industries, and Public-Private Partnerships. Although Governmental and Privately run companies both search for possible problems that could result from using the products, Governmental has the power to place restrictions on them. for instance, they can say how much of the product should be used and how often it can be put into effect. Public-Private Partnerships on the other hand mainly provide money and grants to the companies that conduct the animal researching (Lankford). The extremes can range from being very vague to quite complicated; the options are really unlimited.

An argument that could be made about animal experimentation is that it is purposeless because of the fact that it is done on animals and not actual
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