Animal Consciousness Essay

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Before presenting my position about animal consciousness, I might define fist what consciousness or awareness meant for me. Consciousness rather than merely mean the state of not being asleep it is the basic ability of an organism to perceive and consequently respond to selected features of their environment. However, as we might notice throughout the semester, there are two senses of consciousness that causes controversy when applied to animals: phenomenal consciousness, and self-consciousness.
The phenomenal consciousness refers to the subjective, experiential, or phenomenological aspects of conscious experience, which have been argued to be more likely in mammals and birds than it is in invertebrates. Furthermore, the
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The topic of animal consciousness o awareness has been researched for over a hundred years. The best approach to valid measure and understand conscious in animals depends on using experiment and observation to trace the origin and development of self-consciousness, perception, intention, communication, and reflection in humans infants and children that same as animals have not developed humans language.
The study, Affective consciousness: Core emotional feelings in animals and humans, revealed that both animals and humans core emotional feelings reflect a neurodynamic attractor landscapes of limbic emotional action systems, such as seeking, fear, rage, lust, panic, care, and play; so they both have affective consciousness or emotional feelings in common in a large scale.
Moreover a different study, Animal consciousness: a synthetic approach, states that despite only humans are capable of accurately describing their phenomenal experience there is now an abundant and increasing behavioral evidence consistent with conscious states as well in animals.
Many arguments are used forward animal consciousness, such as similarity, animal pain and suffering, animal emotions, and self-recognition. The first one, similarity argument, refers to the analogy between animals

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