Essay on Angry Customers

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Expressing quite cheerfully, I casually greeted the caller, “Hungry Herbs, would you like pick-up or delivery?” Little did I know this phone call would teach me my next life lesson; quite frankly, people suck. After the man’s order was taken, I casually closed, “Your total comes to $66.87 and will be ready in about an hour.” Upon hanging up, I soon realized there was another three lines on hold. I took each call, one by one. The calls consisted of the three more orders; three more deliveries. Making my way to the back of the store, I noticed the exceedingly long list of food items to make. Joy. This was making out to be one of those days of legend; one of those days where the store makes three hundred in sales in less than an hour; one …show more content…
Then, the phone rang. “Hungry Herbs, would you like pick-up or delivery?” I again casually greeted the caller. “Hi, I placed my order an hour ago and it has yet to arrive. Where’s my food?” the caller demanded in a not exactly polite voice. “Well, the driver left with your food forty-five minutes ago, but he also had two other deliveries to take. I’d imagine, however, that it should be there any minute.” “Look, my kids need to go to bed in fifteen minutes and they haven’t eaten yet. Where is my food? All I want is my food, I paid for it on my credit card, and all you have to do is deliver it. Can I speak to a manager or the owner or someone in charge?” “Actually, I’m the manager tonight and the owner is out of town at the moment. And like I said before, the best I can do is tell you that it should be there any moment.” “Well that’s not good enough. I want my food now! I’ve paid for this food and my kids need to go to bed!” “Look, I can offer a fifteen percent off discount off your next order—“ “There’s not going to be a next time. If that’s what you can do, take it off this order. I better see a credit on my account.” “Alright well your new total comes to about $52, but that’s still about all I can do. You see, we had a bunch of lines on hold so when I had said an hour I didn’t realize there were so many other orders to be delivered.” “I understand that, but when you tell someone an hour, you should mean an hour. Now, it

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