Analyzing the Frilm Ten Things I Hate About You Essay

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Analyzing the Frilm Ten Things I Hate About You

Analyse the first ten minutes of the film. How do the first ten minutes give us information about the setting, characters and genre of the film? How is it designed to appeal to the target audience? ======================================================================

The first ten minutes introduce us to all the main characters, and give us an idea of their personality and role in the plot. It suggests the plot to us, and gives a basic outline, without giving too much away. It clearly demonstrates who its target audience is, and aims its setting, language, humour and format accordingly.

The opening credits immediately let the viewer know the
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The viewer can assume that the film will be about middle to upper class teenagers, presumably with many material possessions, and a happy home life. These are characters which many young people may aspire to, and wish they could become.

The previously non-diagetic music then becomes diagetic, as we see a medium close shot of four teenage girls laughing and singing in a smart, expensive car. The target audience may want to become independent, and carefree, and have their own car, and live the lives these girls do. When Kat's car pulls up beside them at traffic lights, the director uses a panning shot to emphasise the difference between these girls, and Kat. The girls' floral dresses, and clean-cut look, highlight the difference in Kat's simple, black clothes, and miserable expression. She drives a beaten-up shabby looking car, compared to their shiny red convertible. Her music overpowers theirs, and she's playing Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The opening line of this is 'I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.' This lets us know that Kat has a reputation for not being like other girls, and more importantly that she knows it, and she doesn't care. The camera cuts between the two cars to show the girls' reaction to each other. Kat looks into their car with obvious dislike and contempt. The four girls all look away, scared. We

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