Analyzing Individuation and Identity In Descartes´ Philosophical View of the Mind-Body Dualism

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Every since Plato introduced the idea of dualism thousands of years ago meta-physicians have been faced with the mind-body problem. Even so Plato idea of dualism did not become a major issue of debate in the philosophical world until the seventeenth century when French philosopher Rene Descartes publicized his ideas concerning the mental and physical world. During this paper, I will analyze the issue of individuation and identity in Descartes’ philosophical view of the mind-body dualism. I will first start by explaining the structure of Cartesian dualism. I will also analyze the challenges of individuation and identity as they interact with Descartes. With a bit of luck, subsequently breaking down Descartes’ reasoning and later on …show more content…
Descartes has contributed several arguments for this belief , one them was the conceivability argument which necessarily involves a degree of tautology. Descartes states that since the idea of the separate existence of the mind and body is conceivable, that it is then possible. If the possible exist that two things can exist separately , he states, its impossible for them to be identical. The mind is here able to conceive itself and by that logical the mere fact the mind is able to conceive itself as existing separately from the body means that body and mind are two different entity’s. The image that Descartes constructed shows the correlation shared between the mind and body is one that continues to buried philosophy even today.

I'll begin by thoroughly analyze Descartes' philosophy of mind and body by examining the problems of individuation and identity. Before all else, I need to clearly state the issues I am addressing. To be able to fully understand the issues of individuation, one must first understand what the word individuation even means. The word individuation can be derive from the Latin verb dîvîdo, which mean “I separate into parts” or “I divide up,” and the prefix in-, which in this situations means “into.”So, basically when discuss about individuation, were discussing about a state in which an object can be isolated or separated from other objects: One can individuate Nintendo Wii console from

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