Analysis of the Worst Mistake in Human History by Jared Diamond

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Jared Diamond makes the argument that when humans decided 10,000 years ago to no longer be hunter-gatherers and made the decision to become sedentary and start domesticating their animals and crops, the result is that the human race has experienced a steady downfall. Diamond makes the point that “with agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism that curse our existence,” (Diamond). While the present system certainly is far from being perfected, Diamond’s various complaints and solutions certainly would not be of much use in the present time either.
Diamond states that the reason hunter-gatherer groups became agriculturists was simply because it was easier to create more food for your individual
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Another extremely valid point made by Diamond is the diet differences between the sedentary and hunter-gatherers. Hunter-gatherers lived on a more protein rich diet, subsidized by various edible plants they found. Most farming crops consist of starchy, high carbohydrate foods. While there is certainly more food to go around that way, the more carbohydrates in ones’ diet, generally the less healthy that person is. Protein is an extremely important component to making the human body function properly. Carbohydrates are used up much faster than protein and therefore, the person on the high carbohydrate diet is going to be hungry again much sooner than the person on the higher protein diet and get less benefit as far as energy goes. Also, farmers ran the risk of starvation if a crop failed, such as the Irish with the potato famine, (Diamond). Relating diet to modern times, simply look at the levels of obesity worldwide. Most modern foods are made up of some form of carbohydrate, be it rice or corn. The high carbohydrate foods that make up a majority of the diets of modern people certainly make hunter-gathering seem more attractive since they have a better balance of nutrients (Diamond,).
Disease is another extremely important issue. Many diseases that have affected the worlds’ populations at one time or another throughout history do seem to correlate to the size of the “cluster” of

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