Analysis of the Television Shoe Doctor Who Essay

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Doctor Who is a Science-fiction drama television show in the United Kingdom and is broadcasted by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The show was created by Sydney Newman who was a Canadian film and television producer who brought doctor who to the United Kingdom on November 23 1963. Newman was known as the man to set the foundation for the show giving the idea about the “Blue Box” being bigger on the inside then the outside and also for naming the show and “The Doctor” himself. Now when I say “The Doctor” of course I am referring to the hero of the show which in the case of the beginning it would be William Hartnell but it wasn’t just the doctor and his lonely self he is almost always paired up with a lovely companion and his …show more content…
Regeneration is a process in which a Time Lord who is old or mortally wounded to undergo a transformation into a new physical form and a somewhat different personality. This is bad and good in some ways because he won’t know what he’ll become after regenerating it’s a real risky process especially when The Ninth Doctor referred to the regeneration process as "dodgy", and indicated that it was possible to regenerate without a head. (TV: The Parting of Ways). So far there have been ten regenerations for the doctor and so far all were successful. His name is an odd one at that as well. He didn’t have this name when born but earned the title from the actions he took by saving billions of people around space and time and that was for saving the lives of all of them and helping heal there wounds by the evil that rained over them so to speak. He dose also have a doctoral in medicine and his sonic screwdriver also comes with some healing capabilities. His true name isn’t known but to the few he allows for his name will bring the end of time. Saying his name at his grave in a certain part of time will open it allowing anyone to alter his timeline by killing him off and by doing so will erase all the good he has done to save the universe countless of times and turn it into a dark time ruled by the monster’s he

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