Analysis of The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir Essay

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Why is a woman “the other” of a man? The term “the other” describes the female’s secondary position, to a man, in her own mind and in society’s standards. In The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir, the understanding of reality is made up of interaction between opposing forces. For an individual to define oneself and have a true understanding, s/he must also define something in opposition. “[A]t the moment when man asserts himself as subject and free being, the idea of the Other arises,” says de Beauvoir. Throughout history, men claim themselves to be the subject or the superior to women. A man sees a woman as the object to his success. She is essential in sexual pleasure and in producing children, but as an independent she has no …show more content…
Immanence refers to something inherent within oneself. Transcendence means to go beyond ordinary limits or to be superior. De Beauvoir uses “immanence” to describe the domain set on women; the limits of the domain are the boundaries of themselves. “Transcendence” expresses the opposing force, men. Men are thought to be powerful in the external universe, while women are more passive. Throughout history, men claim themselves to be more productive than women. For example, in times of war only men were able to fight while women were to stay home and perform household work. This suggests that a woman isn’t capable of doing the work of a man, and sets a domain to what a woman believes her role is in life. Even though women hold positions in the military and work force today, the two sexes still aren’t known as completely equal. A woman makes seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man makes, for equal work, and a woman is still known as the “weaker” to a man. Everyone should have the right to exchange these two forces, immanence and transcendence, but men claim their right to the transcendent force. Men continue to uphold the role they’ve grown up to know, restricting women to easier duties. Women believe they must rely on men to perform and make a living for the family, while a woman’s only satisfaction is through a man, which is still a dead-end as true satisfaction is never

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