Analysis of Mussolini's Power Essay

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Analysis of Mussolini's Power

Mussolini was unquestionably an extremely powerful dictator, and it would of appeared to the Italians of his era that he was a powerful dictator, especially with so much propaganda all centred around him due to his cult of personality. However in reality there still remained restraints on Mussolini from the old traditional institutions and there were other factors also within Italy that limited his power.

The first obvious restraint on Mussolini's power was King Victor Emmanuel, as he was the highest ranking person in Italy not Mussolini as throughout Mussolini's reign as a dictator Italy remained officially a constitutional monarchy, and was far more liberal than
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However this situation changed as Mussolini became more powerful as his dictatorship went on and in January 1926 he was granted right to issue decrees with full force of law, with no need of support from king or opposition parties. Then in 1928 Mussolini passed the decree which meant the King could no longer choose whoever he wanted as deputy but instead was made to choose from a list of drawn up by the fascist grand council, all who would have been yes men to Mussolini. Therefore making Mussolini even more powerful as he also controlled the Fascist Grand Council so not would not allow anybody who could threaten his position to be put up as a candidate. Mussolini also changed Italy's constitution introducing a diarchy system which meant that Italy had the Prime Minister and the King as two equals heads of state, whereas before it was just the King, making Mussolini even more powerful.

However the main reason that there was no threat for Mussolini of the King attempting to dismiss him was the King's loyalty to him. This loyalty came from pressure from the elite to support Mussolini but also because Mussolini looked like the best political option for the king with no better alternative. King victor Emmanuel disliked the Republicanism and therefore would not replace him with a Republican and also he feared a uprising from the people, and felt this was a lot

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