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Support is defined as a means to endure bravely or quietly (Merriam-Webster). In Losing Isaiah, Khaila, a recovered crack addict, serves some time incarcerated. She then goes through a rehabilitation program, during which her main source of support was her case worker and counselor. In the process of fully recovering from crack she discovers that her baby, Isaiah, is still alive. With the help of her counselor and a lawyer she is able to endure a long and pressing trial to gain a second chance to be a better mother to Isaiah (Losing Isaiah). In the United States, stories like Khaila�s are constantly replayed. These cases occur more frequently in urban areas, where the majority of women on crack who give birth to crack …show more content…
Khaila did not have any family support for herself or her child. However, in recent times, a new pandemic has occurred where teen mothers or crack mothers, usually leave their children to be raised by their grandparents.

The statistics of grandparents, usually grandmothers, taking care of their grandchildren is continuing to rise. This pandemic began in the 1980s, when 2.3 million, or 4%, of children were found to be living with their grandparents (Hertzog, Kleiner, and Targ). In 1996 this number grew from 4% to 6% and over one third of these children had little to no influence from their biological parents (Hertzog, Kleiner, and Targ). While raising a child in today�s world proves to be a challenge for the fittest of parents, placing the burden on a grandparent seems to be completely unfair. Knowing this, who is left to insure the well being of the next generation? How will they value or even understand the concept of family values? Unfortunately for Isaiah the answers to these questions are still debated among social workers on a daily basis, with no clear answer in sight.

Aside from her case worker, the only other person involved in her case was a greedy case lawyer, Kadar Lewis, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Instances that involve little known lawyers taking a huge chance on their career and their name to win controversial cases

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