Analysis of COVERGIRL™ Advertisement Essay

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I have examined and analyzed the COVERGIRL™ NatureLuxe advertisement that uses common feminine stereotypes. In this advertisement, COVERGIRL™, which runs in Seventeen magazines, targets women through their choices of colors, fonts, and images used. Certain stereotypes are used; such as, those who are more feminine tend to prefer lighter, happier colors, such as pink. Also, the use of a celebrity, who many young women look to as an icon, assists in the advertisement of the COVERGIRL™ product. COVERGIRL™, more than likely, is able to successfully market their lip-gloss product in the United States by using common gender stereotypes to show femininity and how those, mainly women, should be presented in today’s society.
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Next, the lip-gloss is the second largest image on the page so that the reader can clearly see and read what feminine product the celebrity is using. Also, the text on the advertisement draws in the reader, primarily the brand name COVERGIRL™ that is scripted across the top of the page in a large font, which makes it to the point for readers.

When I first looked at this advertisement, to me, it did exactly what it was meant to do. At first glance, I saw the beautiful image of Taylor Swift taking up an entire page. As I looked at it, the words COVERGIRL™ caught my attention next and I instantly knew that this was for some sort of cosmetic accessory. As I continued to read over the page, the lip gloss in the bottom corner told me exactly what this was for: COVERGIRL™ was releasing a new line of lip gloss and it looked appealing, at least on the model they had positioned carefully to draw me into the advertisement. The details that are presented in this way are stereotypical to femininity because those who are more feminine find the celebrity appealing, but are given textual information, and also multiple images, pertaining to the product, where as those who are more masculine do not necessarily care for small details.


There are several key parts in the positioning and photographing of the woman in this advertisement. Everything from the camera angle, to the way she is positioned, must be

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