Analysis of Challenges to Protecting the Environment Essay

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It is difficult for humans to live in harmony with nature because humans’ selfishness always places profits before our earth’s needs. We live in a consumer society, which we purchase interesting products and dispose of them carelessly. Those products with non-decomposable materials, which make our life easier and more comfortable, result a massive damage to our environment. In the articles, “A Fable for Tomorrow” by Rachel Carson and “Our Animals Rite” by Anna Quindlen, both authors suggest destruction in nature world due to human’s activities. As environment issues presented by scientists, governments around the world start to give highly attention on the environmental protection, but there are many challenges in implementing …show more content…
China builds many factories to increase the amount of manufacture goods. However, the powers those factories use are coals that emit carbon dioxide and other chemical substances, which create dirty air. Bad health caused by the polluted air such as asthma, and lung cancer appears among people. The government of China understands and notices the bad consequences of manufacture factories; however, the government does not come up policies to stop building those factories. Factories help China to boom their economy in a faster and more efficient way with the cost of nature environment. There are hesitant in a developing country to introduce policies that solve environmental problems because enforcing those policies means an impeding the speed of urbanization. Similar to the conditions appear in the article “ A Fable for Tomorrow,” the author indicates how human uses chemical pesticide on the crops so that farmers can collect most pretty crops has caused devastation in a nature habitat. Carson describes the impacts of pesticide on human and in the nature world, “Doctors had become more and more puzzled by new kinds of sickness appearing among their patients” (29). Carson continues, “There was a strange stillness. Even the streams were now lifeless” (29). People use pesticide to prevent insects to destroy their crops. Without pesticide, farmers will need to spend more time and money to guard their crops and people are less willing to buy products that

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