Essay on Analysis of Benchmarking at TNT Express

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1. SUMMARY The article has the subject “Benchmarking at TNT Express” and it offers a clear explanation of the way in which TNT has demonstrated dedication in their services to the customers and their quench to achieve high echelons of excellence in their endeavors. It is clearly indicated in the article that the formula used in TNT to achieve success is keenly listening to the opinions of the customers in an attempt to capture a clear understanding of the logistic problems that they face and offer logistic solutions to the problems identified. Consequently, the management at TNT is able to reduce costs and hence win additional sales which translate to additional of value to the business of their clients through introduction of …show more content…
Consequently, TNT express makes all efforts to look after the needs of employees, empower them, develop them and involve them in the vital aspects of business running. Quality is a very important consideration for the success of a business. Employees play a vital role maintaining quality and their supervisors should have unambiguous quality dutiful responsibilities. Quality representatives are needed in every department while the general managers should be trained the skills of quality facilitators. This is beneficial in fostering an effective climate in the work place and encouraging the entire employee fraternity to improve quality as well as process on continuous basis. The management may also decide to commit to a specific formal team structure that may be perceived to impede the seamless as well as essential amalgamation of the entire activities. The existing chief initiative “expressing excellence” is the means of deploying quality that is associated with great echelons of success for organizations. The need for continuous improvement cannot be underestimated and it is best done by regular performance reviews which are followed by appropriate actions. The drive to achieve improvements in service delivery to the customers can be expressed in terms of “continuous never-ending, and the objective to achieve 100% accuracy with zero failures whatsoever”. The article also articulates the need for expressing

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