Essay on Analysis: Effects Mass Media has on Body Image

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Mass media portrays men and women in ways that are impossible to reach. Women are portrayed as sexy, beautiful, thin, tan, no imperfections and fit. Men are portrayed as muscular, tall, handsome, tan and also no imperfections. Magazines, commercials, movies, or any sort of mass media show that a man or women has to look a certain way and if you don’t you are an outcast. Studies have shown that mass media effects people by giving them a low self-esteem or even eating disorders. It can also lead to some sort of bulling if you do not look a certain way. It is also proven that men are less likely to be affected by mass media than women are. One reason being they do not read the amounts of magazines as women do. When you start to think a model …show more content…
They tell them this will make them more self-satisfied with their appearance and make them feel better. Studies have also shown that looking at these perfect women will increase their levels of depression (Serdar). Crane found that an average person sees around five thousand ads per day with one third of those ads portraying the ideal body image. Computers have become a huge asset to these commercials because they are not only used in everyday life whether they are a necessity in a job or just to check their social media networks, they are also used now to change a women’s appearance by being able to take women and make them thinner than they really are and also erase their blemishes. They take the unrealistic, unhealthy, and impossible to reach body to the next level. The media, one thing we can’t control, is known to be everywhere whether you are passing a billboard driving in your car or watching the television with the family. People are deeply affected by the mass media, not only can they get depressed or get eating disorders they also might go and get cosmetic surgery to alter their bodies to get that vision of themselves that is portrayed but those surgeries do not always turn out as planned. You can even find these portrayed body images in children’s toys. Barbie is a

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