Essay about An Interpretation of “Black Lamb” by Paula Bohince

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Paula Bohince grew up in rural Pennsylvania town and still resides there. (Bohince, Paula). The theme and setting reflects a young innocent girl raped in a Pennsylvania town. The poet writes the poem from the victim’s perspective. The words give a creepy feeling of what has happened. The poem describes a young girl who was brutally taken advantage of and relays the devastating affect it had on her. The diction is very fitting for the poem. It creates a very vivid picture of the devastating affect the attack had on the girl. The diction creates a gruesome picture and tone for the reader. The use of words like transparency, black lamb and maggots generates a rejected feeling in the girl. There is no place she can hide and her feelings are …show more content…
The color black is very vivid with no place to hide. It is often considered dirty, evil, wicked and sad with no getting away from. Although, she feels like the black lamb, there is no getting away. She does not have the ability to disappear, as a white lamb could blend into the chalky path. There is a label on her that sticks out like a shiny pistol and the night sea. Even though she was an innocent or gentle person, the rape was fully occupying her mind like a “phantom”, an illusion (“phantom.” Def. 2). The feeling of transparency could not be hidden. When she would see someone, their piercing eyes seemed to go right through her. Although she was searching for acceptance, the black label controlled her life. The proof provided no comfort for her feelings of what happened. Although there was evidence that established the truth of something, that had happened, gave little relief to her acceptance of people. The lamb was changed in an instant by something that appeared unexpectedly in a strange way. She had no control what had happened to her. Her mind was constantly dreading the great fear of some harm to come. Knowing the attacker was still out there, gave little closure for her to be accepted by people. Every day was a struggle to go forward and to be a part of society. Knowing that a kink or a short tight twist or curl of imperfection would likely cause difficulties in operating her life. Life was a

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