An Inspector Calls - Mrs. Birling Essay

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Diary Entry: An Inspector Calls Mrs. Birling

Well tonight has been truly awful. After that lovely engagement dinner when we were all so happy too! I don’t believe they all gave up so easily, I was the only one who stood up to that Goole character. I knew he wasn’t a real inspector all along; no one on the police force would dare speak to our family in that impertinent manner! I hope this next inspector is at least not a fraud. I don’t believe that this time we shall give up so quickly they didn’t even know they were looking at the same girl for goodness sake, they just naturally assumed. I have a reputation to keep, can’t afford to be having policemen coming to question us at all hours. The real inspector should arrive soon; I
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I’m not altogether sure what’s the matter with Eric and Sheila. I don’t see why Sheila can’t just let everything go back to normal and stop being so childish. We know that this girl was all a big hoax from the beginning. But this next inspector… I’m worried about how it will affect Eric and Sheila having to be put through it again. At this rate
Sheila and Gerald will never sort out their differences, Sheila needs to put this foul business behind her and move on. Leaving it like these wonts do her fathers business any good at all! She cant go upsetting business rivals sons when she feels like it, this would have been a great opportunity for our family but she’s gone and spoiled that now. I must be off, got to go through that questioning again.
Lets hope this inspector doesn’t have the same theories as the last one. I’ll be making sure I ask him a few questions first.


I don’t believe this, I can’t stop thinking about the poor girl. I cont believe that Mother and Father, let alone Gerald would even think about forgetting it. It’s almost as if finding out about a girl dying from a real police officer is a punishment. They had the chance to get away with their “reputations” but they ignored everything! I’ll never be able to go in Milwards again; I’m so ashamed of myself. I should

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