An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestly Essay

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An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestly

The task I have been set and the purpose of this essay is to consider the many ways in which J.B. Priestly uses the character of Inspector Goole as a dramatic device in the play An Inspector Calls. I aim to discuss, in this essay, the character's reactions to the inspector and the type of relationships formed between them. I shall discuss the Inspector's entrance and exit and also his final speech. I shall also talk about the many ways the inspector creates dramatic tension within the play. I shall also talk about the Inspector's character and behaviour and the effect he has on the family. Finally I shall conclude by discussing the ways Priestly has written
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Making clear to the inspector that he has friends in high places.

"Birling … I was an alderman for years - and Lord Mayor two years ago - and I'm still on the bench - so I know the Brumley police officers pretty well…"

This is typical behaviour of Mr. Birling, he sees himself as an important person who should be thought of highly in society. It is for this reason he is very shocked at the inspectors behaviour later on in the play. The Inspector's response to this statement is merely a half hearted, " Quite so." Showing that he is not all that impressed. It is for this reason that Mr. Birling does not continue to treat the Inspector as politely as he has been. When speculating over what the Inspector wanted, earlier in the play Mr. Birling had come to the conclusion that it was something to do with a warrant. However when Mr. Birling confronted the Inspector he did not get the reply he was hoping for.

"Birling … Some trouble about a warrant?

Inspector No, Mr. Birling.

Birling (after a pause, with a touch of impatience) Well, what is it then?"

Here we see Birling getting rather agitated and annoyed at the Inspector because the Inspector is not telling Mr. Birling any information. This is one of the tactics the inspector uses to reveal the story lines in the play; instead of revealing everything himself

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