An Inside Look at the Global Positioning System Essay

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GPS. What is it? To most of us it’s that thing that’s gets you to your lunch meeting on time. After all it’s in just about everything we use every day. But do we know what it actually is? It’s a simple question but do you know the answer?
GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. It was developed in the 60s to enhance US military warfare by the Department of Defense (DOD), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), United States Air Force (USAF), Boeing, Rockwell (which has since been bought out by Boeing), Aerospace Corporation (AS Corp.), and Lockheed Martin, but was built only by Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Most of the research and development was done at Vandenberg USAF base in Lompoc, California. And the USAF decided to put a Chief
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Block I of the GPS satellites was from 1978-1985 (Wikipedia, Global Positioning System) with ten successful launches and one failure. Block II was from 1989-1990 with nine successful launches, with no failures. None of the satellites from neither Block I nor Block II are currently in orbit and healthy. Block IIA was from 1990-1997 with all 19 launches successful. There are only nine of those satellites currently in orbit and healthy. Block IIR was from 1997-2004 with twelve successful launches and one failure and all twelve are currently in orbit and healthy. Block IIR-M was from 2005-2009 with eight successful launches and seven still currently in orbit and healthy. Now we are to the Block that we are on today (Wikipedia, Global Positioning System). Block IIF started in 2010 and is currently still going on with four launches and ten in preparation. Officially we started Block IIIA here in 2014 with twelve satellite planned. Block IIIB has eight satellites in planning and Block IIIC has six-teen planned.
In case you weren’t keeping track of the math there have been sixty-one successful launches, two failures, ten in preparation, thirty-six planned, and thirty-one currently in orbit and healthy (Wikipedia, Global Position System).
Almost all satellites including the GPS ones have three main parts to it (trimblelms); One, a computer that controls the satellites flight and function; Two, an atomic clock that keeps accurate

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