Essay about An Educational Philosophy

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An Educational Philosophy

Many times, when a person chooses a career, they select one in which they will make the most money, have the best benefits, or bring the most prestige. Years later, they find that they have made the wrong decision and search for a more fulfilling career. I feel that I am one of the lucky few who have found a truly fulfilling career. Teaching combines two things that I love, school and children. I also feel that I am making an important contribution to society, by teaching its children to become model citizens.

My journey to become a teacher started early in my life. I have always loved school or any learning environment. As each summer came to a close I would look forward in anticipation of the new school
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Against my better judgment I returned for a second summer. The second summer was much like the first except that I had become more experienced and patient when dealing with children. When I returned to college that fall, I had finally decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; I was going to be a teacher.

After, I had made my decision to become a teacher, I knew I had to receive training in how to teach in modern classrooms. After looking at different schools, I finally settled on Concord College. I learned that Concord has a good reputation for training highly skilled teachers. Several other factors shaped my decision to transfer to Concord such as: the size of the school and the number of students going there to major in education. My classes here have taught me the past, present, and future of teaching and education. I feel that the education I am receiving will prepare me to face any classroom situation. Upon graduating from Concord College, with my degree in Elementary Education, I either plan on working in the public school system, or joining Teach for America. I agree with Teach for America’s goal of placing teachers in low income areas. I feel that students in these areas need the most inspiration and deserve the best teachers. Even if I do not become a part of Teach for America, I would still like to work in a low income area. Students in these areas, deal with more problems than students in suburban areas. Many

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