An Analysis of VoIP as a Viable Alternative to Traditional Phone Service

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An Analysis of VoIP as a Viable Alternative to Traditional Phone Service VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a service that emulates the numerous aspects of traditional telephone service and transmits digitally encoded audio signals over the Internet. The internal workings of the system are similar to that of public switched telephone networks and utilize many of the same fundamental properties such as digital audio encoding, channel initialization, and signaling. VoIP also allows for its users to communicate with each other using differing types of equipment, for example, between a computer with a built in microphone and a traditional telephone. The service utilizes session control in order to manage the numerous logistical …show more content…
IP phones are often the most expensive VoIP service to deploy as it requires that all traditional telephones be replaced. The second type of VoIP is computer-based and as the name suggests, this type of VoIP utilizes various personal computing platforms to facilitate telephony. This approach requires little to no additional equipment as the vast majority of businesses and users already have computers that are capable of utilizing this type of VoIP. The only requirements the computer must meet are that it has a relatively recent operating system, that it has a microphone and audio output device installed, and that it has broadband Internet access. There are many free and inexpensive software applications such as Skype which makes this type of VoIP the most inexpensive option. Although this option is attractive for its minimal cost and ease of deployment, many users are apprehensive to making phone calls on a computer for various reasons. Another popular implementation of VoIP is through the use of analog telephone adapters. An analog telephone adapter is a small device that typically has two connections; one RJ-45 connection that is necessary to send data over the Internet, and one RJ-11 connection where a traditional phone can be attached to. This option has achieved significant popularity due to the relatively simple deployment

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