An Analysis of the Nature of the SANS Institute Essay

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Students who successfully complete the MSISE degree will be able to lead the teams of technologists. Their responsibility includes information security assessment, auditing, and leading information security programs. The qualified graduates will be able to seek positions such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Security Manager, Security Administrator, and Technical Director for Information Security. Similarly, the MSISM graduates qualify to seek the highest level of IT Security Management positions such as Information Assurance Manager (IAM) in the government field and chief security officer or CISO in private sectors.

Both degrees are offered online as well as onsite in many areas in North America and around the world. The academic courses specialize in various areas of information security fields such as Network Fundamentals, IP Concepts and Behavior, Risk Assessment, Auditing, Honeypots, Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and Security Incident Handling. The students who pursue Master’s degrees must complete 32 credits toward academic area and Community Project Requirements (CPR). The CPR is a community of security professionals in government, commercial, and academic research organizations, which is a powerful force for sharing knowledge among different sectors of security professionals. More often, these groups
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