An Analysis of Tennyson’s The Princess Essay

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An Analysis of Tennyson’s The Princess  

Alfred, Lord Tennyson is the most influential poet of the Victorian Age. He was named poet laureate of England by the Queen, and the first poet to receive a title Lord. In his lifetime Tennyson has produced many works which are considered great. Such one is The Princess which is a long narrative poem with a number of songs. One of these songs is “ Tears, Idle Tears”, a poem full of sorrow and grief. In this fragment of The Princess the speaker is desperate because of the death of his love. This causes the sad tone of the poem which is something typical for Tennyson and his works.par I chose to analyze this poem because it is about something that many people have experienced, even I.
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He also tells the reader the main cause for his grief. In fact, it is the memories that make him sad and melancholic.


The poem continues with expressing the feelings of the speaker. According to him they are:

Fresh as the first beam glittering on a sail,

That brings out friends from the underworld,

Sad as the last which reddens over one

That sinks with all we love below the verge;

So sad, so fresh, the days that are no more. (6-10)


Actually, it is the way the author presents those memories and feelings that make the poem so gorgeous. His memories are still fresh, he cannot forget those days which were full of joy. It is the nostalgia in this poem that made me choose it. In my opinion this work of Tennysonrquote s best describes the feeling of loss and the memories which seem to be bitter after everything is gone.

par Another reason for choosing this work was its thoughtfulness. In my opinion it deals in a very philosophical way with feelings and memories which in fact were the inspiration for writing this poem. The resolution of the poem is in its last line in which Tennyson makes an oxymoronic statement, “O Death in Life, the days that are no more” (20). This is also an apostrophe toward death which comes soon or late in every human life. Death brings grief and that is why the speaker of the poem is so sad. The memories of the love that is over because of death make him suffer. This oxymoronic statement

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