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Amnesia is a severe form of memory loss. It may be a partial or complete lack of recall. Depending on the cause of amnesia, the memory loss may arise suddenly or slowly. It also can be temporary or permanent.

Many people with progressive memory loss may not be aware of their worsening forgetfulness. Family members or friends may be more able to judge whether memory lapses are getting worse. Depending on whether the memory loss is of short- or long-term memory, the individual or family may notice certain events, such as:

· Inability to recognize family members

· forgetting one's phone number or home address

· forgetting how to return home from a familiar location

· forgetting to eat, bathe, or maintain one's hygiene

· forgetting friends' or family members' names

Common medical causes of memory loss include:

· normal aging

· Alzheimer’s Disease

· depression

· head trauma

· hysteria

· seizures

· chronic alcohol abuse drugs such as anesthetics,

· barbiturates, and hallucinogens

· electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

· temporal lobe surgery for conditions such as a brain tumor lack of oxygen to the brain

· stroke

· Huntington's disease

· Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries

· Pick's disease

· Lewy body disease

· normal pressure hydrocephalus

· chronic subdural hematoma , or bleeding on the brain tumor

· Wilson's disease

· neurosyphilis , or late-stage syphilis

Mild memory loss comes normally with aging. Keeping the
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