Essay about America's Racist Society

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The relationship between whites and blacks in America can be thought of as a mountain, as we ascend the peak through time racial clashes seem to be fewer and fewer. America has had a very racist history, but now more than ever equal opportunity is being granted to minorities. Blacks and whites are getting along better than any other time in the past, but there are still problems preventing these two groups from blending completely in society. Stereotypes about the violent behavior of blacks, seriously affects the relationship between whites and blacks in society because white people are fearful in the presence of blacks. Evidence for these stereotypes and reasons why this stereotype is so widely regarded will be thoroughly discussed in …show more content…
I think that these sources definitely had an impact on my thinking. How could this fear which I share with many White Americans effect the cohesion between Blacks and Whites in society? As I dove into this very interesting question I immediately realized what white people where basing their fears on. Whites were basing their fears on something called a stereotype. A stereotype is a belief that a group of people share which classifies and identifies something or somebody. For example most people when they see a person driving a BMW down the road immediately draw a conclusion that the driver must be wealthy. This is a stereotype that a person driving an expensive car must be rich. Stereotypes are a way for people to convey what they have learned to how they live their lives.

Stereotypes are used to draw conclusions about almost anything imaginable. A person can use a stereotype to make a decision on what kind of food people would find most appetizing, but they can also be used to classify people of other races. Stereotyping gets a negative reputation because it is so often used along with prejudices to classify people that are different. “Stereotypes of outgroups are typically less positive than those of ingroups,” (Stroebe & Insko 5) this means that stereotypes are usually less positive when referring to groups that are different from your own. This ethnocentrism, favoritism of a culture and devaluation of all others, is a way in which stereotyping

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