America's Decline of Freedom of Speech Essay

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A Burmese comedian by the name of Zarganar was sentenced to 35 years for violating the Electronics Acts in 2008. Afterwards, Zarganar received an additional 14 years for supporting destructive acts against the state. Even though he was arrested and sentenced for violating the Electronics Acts and Video Acts, his only real crime was openly criticizing the Burmese government's handling of a past incident (Farrington 66). The Burmese government and others like it are the types of governments our nation's founders separated from and protested against. America has recently began to resemble these governments, in the way it restricts people's freedom of expression. America has slowly strayed away from our forefathers' original ideas of freedom …show more content…
In order to properly understand the ideas that will be mentioned, the difference between expression and action must be known. As Glenn Tinder states in his book Tolerance and Community,“Through expression, one tries to enable a person to see things from one's own viewpoint" (Tinder 1). "Through action, on the other hand, one aims at altering an outward condition and is concerned only secondarily with affecting the minds of others" (Tinder 1). In other words, expression is simply communicating your thoughts while action is physically doing something with little or no intent on conveying your thoughts. The definition of the word censorship must be known as well. Censorship is an action of suppressing objectionable material. Censorship is usually used in relation to the media, however here it will be used as the suppressing of each individuals ideas and expressions.
While it may seem like a good idea to regulate freedom of speech in order to protect the government and its people, there are many issues with the limits and rules preventing true free speech. The freedoms that many Americans have fought hard for shall not be taken lightly. This nation was founded on the basic principle of the freedoms of the people. The idea of freedom of speech and expression is why this nation is so great. A true democracy will not exist without

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