Essay on American Schools Are STILL Racist

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Racial discrimination is a real problem in American schools where African American students are segregated and their rights violated in many ways. Racial discrimination is especially advanced in public schools where majority of the students are colored. In these institutions, the government has failed to offer credible support thus subjecting them to serious problems making the learning process close to impossible (Blank et al, p.108). The departments of justice and education have admitted that serious problems are experienced by school going children in most of the American schools. Positive policies on discipline are being put into measure as a way of reducing the cases of racial discrimination as it affects learning of
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Justification The pendulum that symbolizes racial discrimination has since many years back swung too far towards hindering the success of the African Americans students. Due to racial discrimination, the colored students, though they consist of 15% of the students in public schools, have had a greater share of frustrations due to racial challenges advanced. According to Belton, the 15% of the African American students in public schools form the largest percentage of those who vane been expelled. In her article, 35% have been suspended from school once, 44% twice while 36% thrice (Belton). Therefore, the black students get suspended from school at a triple rate as compared to their white counterparts. These statistics justify the fact that the African Americans students are the target of the racial discrimination which is a pertinent issue in public schools.
Racial discrimination becomes a hindrance to academic achievement especially of African-Americans in that they are discouraged by the oppressive system thus they do not put a lot of effort. The students of color in public schools, as compared to their white peers, get less attendance to veteran teachers and more punishment while in school. These are laughed at and their peers from others races make jokes about them, a fact that makes them suffer from inferiority complex (Resmovits). American constitution entrenches the right to fair treatment

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