American History, 1865-1900 Essay

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American History, 1865-1900

The years after the civil war left one half of America, the north, satisfied and the other half, the south, mostly dissatisfied. Therefore the last third of the nineteenth century, 1865-1900, was a time period in which America was mending, repairing, improving, reshaping, and reconstructing its society, economy, culture, and policies. Basically it was changing everything it stood for. This continual change can be seen in the following events that took place during this time. These events are both causes and effects of why America is what it is today. These are some examples: the reconstruction of the south, the great movement towards the west, the agricultural revolution, the rise of industrialism,
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Despite the Constitution?s newly passed fifteenth Amendment that allowed anyone the right to vote regardless of ?race, color, previous conditions of servitude,? white supremacists did everything in their power to keep blacks out of politics. Inevitably this led to social tensions that still exist today.

Not only was America trying to unify itself after the Civil War, it was also trying to expand itself to the west and overseas. With its abundant landscape full of prairies, plateaus, deserts, and mountains, the great movement westward allowed for many economic possibilities because it lead to extended farming, ranching, and mining. However, the great movement to the west was not as great as most thought it would be. In order to acquire the land out west, they had to deal with the Native Americans, the original landowners of America. Many battles took place between the tribes and troops, and eventually the Native Americans either moved to reservations, or moved elsewhere.

The Agricultural Revolution occurred during and after the great movement to the west. It began as the people moving west realized the endless possibilities that lay waiting to be discovered. It consisted of three different waves: miners, cattle herders, and farmers. The mining boom occurred after many mines were found and soon boom cities, which centralized around the mines, were popping up rapidly. The mining boom led to the

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