American Foottball: Factors of a Field Goal Essay

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One of the most important parts about football is the kicking portion of the game. Without it, it wouldn’t be called FOOT-ball, seeing as how it’s the only part of the game pertaining to the relationship between the foot and the ball in a direct manner. Over the years, the record distance of the longest field goals has increased, mostly because we are finding out how to kick it differently that will produce a greater distance. The PAT, or point after touchdown, is almost a given because of the distance of the kick to the field goal is just under 20 yards. With kicks that are longer than 45 yards, the success rate drops dramatically for even most college and NFL players. With that being said, you can infer that with the increase in distance …show more content…
You may see the kicker take three to four yards back from the spot of the football to get enough velocity in order to successfully make a field goal.
To continue, most NFL kickers can kick it anywhere from 50 yards with ease, but when the distance is increased, they start having a hard problem. The problem is that their legs aren’t strong enough to kick it past that distance. When dealing with “leg strength”, it doesn’t actually refer to how strong your leg is, but how fast it is. When dealing with kicking, the strongest man in the world will not beat the quickest man. It’s the same thing with baseball. The faster you swing, the farther the ball will go. With that being said, the distance of a kick depends on how fast the foot is traveling when they make contact.
Also, there are also several factors with the football itself that affect the distance a football will travel and how it will travel in the air. One factor is the atmospheric pressure. Air pressure is the amount of air that’s pushing down on us. If we are in an area that has high air pressure, the ball will have more air pushing down on it. When the ball has more air pushing down on it, the ball will not travel as far. In contrast, if you are in an area that has low air pressure, the ball will have less air to move through because there isn’t as much pressure there.
Another factor is how inflated the ball is. There is a point in a football in which if it is inflated or

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