American Beauty Essay

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The movie “American Beauty” is a drama film that depicts the inter-persona family relationships of repressed middle-class people, describes the process of rediscovering true values in life, and how personal changes affect inter-personal relationships (Cohen, Jinks, & Mendes, 1999). The Burnham family are the main characters of the movie, and the family consists of Lester Burhnam, Carolyn Burnham, and their daughter Jane Burnham. Lester is a desperate and frustrated man who hates his job, cannot confront his wife, does not have any respect from his daughter, and has no control over the events that occur in his life. However, Lester soon decides to leave the role of the victim and replaces his job at the magazine with a job at the fast food …show more content…
Lester and Carolyn Burnham are parents who do not provide a proper environment for raising their daughter because they both have personal issues in life which reflect in their inter-personal family relationships. Although people often characterize their behavior as people who are in the mid-life crisis, the Burnhams are actually repressed people who are not following their personal ideals and goals in life. While Carolyn Burnham follows the role of a strict mother focused on her career and success, Lester Burnham is a lethargic man who despises his job, family, and everything else in life. With their attitudes in life, they were unable to provide a caring and supporting environment for their daughter. Throughout the entire movie, the only relationship between Carolyn and Jane is Carolyn's critiques on her appearance and attitude. Otherwise, Carolyn displays little interest for anything other than her career. On the other hand, Jane hates her father because he flirts with her best friend Angela and gives her more attention than he gives her. Jane did not receive a severe amount of physical or verbal harassment in the motion picture, and the amount she did receive was from her mother. However, she was certainly exposed to child neglect from both parents. Child neglect is a form of emotional child abuse that is not considered sufficient to leave psychological traumas (as cited in

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