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America is a country of great wealth and, often, greed, but it’s also a worldwide known unique culture where meny seek freedom.
     America. Different ideas of our crazy non-traditional world flow in and out of meny meny people’s minds each day. And not all of them are American thoughts. To meny, we are selfish and ignorant, as well as greedy. Thus may be true, but we have good qualities as well. Some (maybe lots) of countries recognize that we go over seas to help others and we share out knowledge and peace between our allies. We also accept people of all races to come find jobs or to just visit. But then again, we’re known for being viciously racist. It’s either irony or bullshit, especially if we, the freedom
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Guilty or now, they pay a painful price of burning tongue buds off. Now, with us, we sentence that crime committing person to whatever meny years in prison, where they cannot go out to hurt more people. It’s kinda nice.
     This whole greed thing about American, I’ll have to agree. We are not a conservative country and we throw away leftovers and scraps without giving it a second thought. I think other countries take more value in their belongings and rations. Where we worry about eating the right kinds of foods everyday, other people across the world, in poverty, worry about finding enough things to sell so they can feed their starving family. Same with water. We take our drinking water for granted. Other poverty-stricken homes often walk four miles or more to find safe drinking water. And if they can’t find any clean water, they’re desperate enough to drink diseased and contaminated mud water. It’s true we help bring some of their needs, but thousands die from disease and malnutrition. I think if every family who has a decent living should sponsor a child. I mean, we a re always talking about share the love, think of others, blah, blah, blah. Well, why not go out and bring hope to others who are less fortunate? I think it’s a great thing to do and besides, it’s just a right thing to do. The rich can give, is what I say.
     America is also unique in the sense that we have a great blend of people,

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