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America, Where Possessions Determine Our Worth I admit it; I'm someone who lusts for labels. I love a brand name. I am especially attracted to a high price or a flashy tag. I dig the bling-bling. Fast cars, expensive jewelry, clothing; you name it, I am fascinated by it. The sound of "Gucci" or "Porsche" or "Dolce & Gabbana" perks my ears up immediately. My attention is easily drawn to anything worth charging on a credit card. I am a modern buyer. I am the consumer whore.

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For at least four years, I have followed these magazines religiously. I started reading the articles recently, but before, I just looked at all the pretty pictures. The colorful ads, catch phrases, and pictures instill an image of high fashion in a consumer's mind. Millions of dollars are spent on these ads for products that will cost you, and plenty.

But in the end, does high fashion always have to equal high prices? For example, high fashion has been brought to the common man and especially woman by markdown stores like TJMaxx and mass market stores with clothing lines like Target's new Isaac Mizrahi and Mossimo. Even the corporation that holds claim to Banana Republic has two other clothing franchises, Gap, then below it, Old Navy. These tiers help bring fashion to the masses on three different economic levels. Also, Abercrombie and Fitch for "teeny boppers" will soon be joined by an upscale line along with the already existent cheaper Hollister. These three-level corporations try to make fashion affordable and cover all consumer bases.

But all the ads lead us to believe that these lower-priced fashions are not the real deal. What triggers in a consumer's mind to believe these ads and yearn for the more expensive product? It's the allure of being above the average consumer.

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