Essay on Alternative Health Care Options or Modalities

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Popularity of alternative and complementary also known as (CAM) started in 1970 with a range of different people who sought to have both kinds of care as their health options. People from all races and walks of life such as academics, corporate executive officers, or police officers all wished to have something more when it came to the care of their health. Many of the treatments that were sought were not treatments that would be covered by insurance companies and the treatments there for would have an out of pocket expense. So why for people who had insurance would they seek to pay out of pocket for these types of treatments? There are many reasons that people turn to alternative health or complementary health practices. Being able to …show more content…
People from various backgrounds and socio-economic groups who are choosing to consult (CAM ) practitioners for a range of conditions while at the same time continuing to use medical services. The popularity of CAM therapies has become increasingly widespread since the 1960's, as more and more people in Western societies have developed an interest in using them.”(Kelner & Wellman, 1999) Although sociocultural have been assumed to be some of the reasons behind the use of CAM there has not been any “clear or comprehensive theoretical model to account for the increasing use of alternative forms of health care. Accordingly, the goal of the present study was to develop some tentative explanatory models that might account for this phenomenon.” (Astin,Ph.D, 1998) People who seek out CAM therapies feel that alternative therapies more closely model their personal beliefs and values. It allows as a patient for them to be more involved in their health and in the illness. Many patients also believe having an opportunity to play an active role in their treatment allows for greater satisfaction in treatments. There is a classification of different types of CAM therapies these therapies are as diverse as the users of the therapies. Ways that the therapies are classified: “Alternative medical system: A complete system of theory and practice that evolved independently of biomedical approach. (Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, Native

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