Essay on All About Sea Lions

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Sea Lions
Sea lions are very social and super talented.
They are true party animals, both on land and in the water. They can balance a ball on their nose, climb up a ladder, honk a horn and swim up to 13 mph.
Kingdom – Animalia
Phylum – Chordata
Class – Mammalia
Order – Carnivora
Family – Otariidae
Genus – Zalophus
• External ears with flaps and big eyes.
• Long flippers in the front which are like wings with no claws.
• Five digits in the back limbs with extensions of cartilage.
• Nails are on the middle three digits.
• A sea lion can walk on all fours.
• In the water, rear flippers are used to steer.
• Small head with whiskers on the face.
• Large body with blubber to stay warm.
• Small, flat tail between the rear flippers.
• They
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• Females deliver their pups on land and typically give birth to only one pup at a time each year.
• The female vocalizes during and immediately following the birth of her pup and the pup vocalizes back instinctively.
• This vocalization helps to create the bond between mother and pup.
• Pups are delivered well developed and are born with their eyes open.
• They are able to walk and swim right away as well as shake, scratch and groom themselves.

• The mother nurses her pup and then leaves to forage for food.
• Pups begin eating fish around 2 months old, but will continue to nurse for 6 to 12 months.
• Pups copy the social behavior of the adults and begin to group together when they are only 2 or 3 weeks old.
• A mother can find her own pup among hundreds of similar pups simply by their unique vocalization.
• Once located, she smells the pup as a final check to confirm that it is hers.
• Seal lions are extremely social animals.
• They can be easily trained and are found doing tricks in shows at zoos.
• During the breeding season, they gather in rookeries for pupping and breeding.
• They form large colonies which can have thousands of members.
• In the water, a small mass of sea lions may swim on the surface in very close proximity to form what is called a “raft”.
• Large males dominate over other smaller animals.
• California sea lions are not typically aggressive and usually exist peacefully with

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