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All About Advertising

Adverts play a large part in out lives, they make us feel disappointed in the things we haven't got, they play with our emotions a lot, make us desire whatever they are selling. They keep us in suspense when they advertise they advert; they show us things that we wouldn't think of if we were talking about the product. They keep our minds thinking and imagining. Advertisers do this by the strategies and techniques they use. I analysed two adverts from television and one advert from a magazine. These are the differences I found.

The first advert I am analysing is a car advert. The car is the BMW Z4. As the advert starts the first image we see is the sun rising from the
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At the end of the advert the audience are feeling excited and in suspense, wanting to know more about the car. The target audience for this advert are young sporty and rich people.

The second advert I am analysing is another car advert. This car is the Volvo XC90. As the advert starts we see a man in a art gallery looking at modern art, this tells us the man likes interesting, stimulating and entertaining things, we also realise that the lifestyle of this man is healthy, highly educated, cultures, successful, formally dressed, sophisticated like a business man. As he is looking in the art gallery we see the repeated sign of 'Exit' flashing. This tells us the man needs to get out urgently. As the advert continues we are excited, wondering what car this is. We are suddenly outside, we have exited the art gallery, we see the car, the barriers are removed, we are on a wilder side, we see the rough side of the man, there is more fun out here, a more natural impression. All of a sudden this stops and it tells us the arriving date in a sentence. The target audience for this car are businessmen, aged between 25-40.

I am now

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