Essay about Alice in Wonderland Critical Analysis

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Alice in Wonderland belongs to the nonsense genre, and even if most of what happens to Alice is quite illogical, the main character is not. “The Alice books are, above all, about growing up” (Kincaid, page 93); indeed, Alice starts her journey as a scared little girl, however, at the end of what we discover to be just a dream, she has entered the adolescence phase with a new way to approach the mentally exhausting and queer Wonderland. It is important to consider the whole story when analyzing the growth of the character, because the meaning of an event or a sentence is more likely to mean what it truly looks like rather than an explanation regarding subconscious and Freudian interpretations. Morton states “that the books should possess …show more content…
From this scene it is possible to see how Alice is influenced by the children stories she has read, stories with rules, and morals at the end. As a result, she applies this logic to the illogical Wonderland and, since her knowledge is not that vast, she gives as much logic as possible to the situation, without actually understanding the why of things. Carroll wants to put a space between this type of stories and his own, beginning with the fact that Alice in Wonderland has no morals and everything is allowed. Equally important, this scene confirms that Alice has always morals and rules on her mind and she approaches new situations with logic, paying attention to the possible consequences, but eventually, she proves with her actions that she is still a child full of curiosity. Under those circumstances, the girl discovers some unpleasant effects of her childish act, thus she cries so much that in the second chapter Alice almost drowns in her own tears, which indicates that she is her own enemy. Since she is alone and no one can comfort her, she gives herself a self-talk to encourage herself. This behavior confirms her attempt to be like a grown up, with no positive outcomes. The girl tends to cry very often because she feels lonely and she is desperate to find someone to stay with. As soon as she finds the party, Alice

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